The Event


The whole program is expected to be officiated by the Vice Minister of Agriculture, The Republic of Indonesia. The first day of conference will focus on the future business and global market of palm oil to prosper people yet sustaining the environment. Furthermore, the concept of clustering and its practices will be discussed to optimize the palm industry and strengthen its competitiveness along with other vegetable oil commodities.
Day 2, the conference will address total plantation management for higher yield yet environmentally sound through best practices in making use of knowledge in planting materials, fertilizers, agrochemicals and other technologies. Recent development in waste management will be deliberated with the view of utilization such as methane capture technologies in integration with energy generation.
Day 3 will be special because of the topic of palm oil sustainability. Progress in the implementation of sustainable palm oil initiatives, both RSPO (Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil, a voluntary initiative) and ISPO (Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil, a mandatory movement in Indonesia) are still a hot issue for the palm oil community. How these two schemes promote competitiveness of palm oil in global vegetable oil market and to make real contribution to the practice of sustainable agriculture are yet to be seen. The challenges are the improvement of practices on the ground, certification of a large number of companies and smallholders and increase the uptake of certified palm oil. Certification of manufactures is even more challenging.